Kevin Wise presented at the MPD/UBO Conference

April 21, 2015

Kevin Wise held the opening keynote presentation at the IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference in Dubai this year. He is Chief Advisor at Kelda Drilling Controls and Senior Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company.

Industrial PhD funding granted

November 1, 2014

Our two Research Engineers, Jon Åge Stakvik and Christian Berg, got their Industrial PhD funding granted by the Norwegian Research Council. Their topics will be “Adaptive model-based control of downhole pressure during drilling operations” and “Modeling for automatic control and estimation of influx and loss during drilling operations”.

Research grant from Oslofjordfondet

March 27, 2014

oslofjordsfondet logoKelda is granted funding from Oslofjordfondet to do a research study on real-time estimation of pore and fracture pressure while drilling based using fit-for-purose hydraulic model combined with advanced estimation theory.