LeidarPlan features

Digital well planner

  • Shared hydraulics model configuration tool for the Leidar platform;
  • Facilitates hydraulics modelling through the complete life-cycle of well construction for all phases; planning, operations, and end of well analysis
  • Easy import functionality for wellbore trajectory (Azi/Inc/MD)
  • Visualization of wellbore trajectory in 2D and 3D
  • Steady-state hydraulics
  • Fast and accurate computations of distributed hydrostatics and circulating friction (ECD)

Thermal model

  • Computation of the distributed temperature profiles of the fluid
  • Visualize thermal fluid gradients in drillstring and annulus
  • Specify circulation time to achieve realistic near wellbore temperature distribution

Influx Management Envelope (IME)

  • Computation of the IME based on real fluids assuming single-bubble gas distribution
  • Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong Cubic Equations of State included for comparison
  • Supported pressure limits
  • Set surface pressure limit
  • Set subsurface weak point pressure limit
  • Set maximum operational volumetric influx limit

Full-featured hydraulics model

  • Real fluid PVT and rheology models
  • Hydraulics model configured by well programme parameters only
  • Trajectory, casing programme, fluid, etc.
  • Simultaneously visualize annular pressures in EMW and pressure

MPD Anchor Point

  • Set anchor point pressure in EMW or pressure units
  • Change anchor point depth while maintaining constant EMW

Data export functionality

  • Full simulation data export (CSV)
  • Auto report generator