What we do:

Drilling Technology

With our high competence in drilling technology, we are able to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for the drilling industry. We have hands-on experience in traditional-, managed pressure- and underbalanced drilling, both onshore and offshore. In addition to software for simulation, well control and data analysis, Kelda manufactures its own hardware in form of sensors and actuators.

Hydraulics modelling

The hydraulic model is a core element of our expertise and of many Kelda products. It is being continuously developed, based on our new research and feedback from newly drilled wells and customers. Kelda also works closely with universities, and have co-operated on several industry PhD-programmes as well as master theses on this subject.

Control System Design

The Kelda core team has in-depth knowledge of control design and drilling dynamics which is incorporated into our pressure control design. Our control solutions are developed based on recent progress in advanced adaptive control theory, typically used for autonomous aircraft. By utilizing this technology, our control system can robustly regulate the pressure in a well in seconds. Our goal is to fully automate managed pressure- and underbalanced drilling.

Where we are:

Main office, Porsgrunn

Kelda Dynamics AS
Kammerherreløkka 5
3916 Porsgrunn

Trondheim office

Kelda Dynamics AS
Bynesveien 7
7018 Trondheim

Dubai office

Kelda Dynamics DMCC
6-173 One JLT
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Dubai, UAE

Our background:


Kelda was founded late 2013 by key personnel involved in R&D on automated managed pressure drilling (MPD).

Since 2007 Hydro and Statoil have put major efforts into the development of enhanced automation technology for pressure control in drilling. This research has been based on internal competence from production optimization and multiphase flow modeling, and collaboration with leading international expertise on applied advanced control system design.

Kelda was established in agreement with Statoil with the objective to strengthen the development of the technology, and accelerate implementation.


Kelda:  Old Viking word for a well, or a natural spring – today written as “kilde”; a source of flowing water which never freezes.

Represents something pure and fundamental; a source of in-depth knowledge on well hydraulics and control.

Kelda also represents source code, which is the basis of our products, i.e. the implementation of a control system.

Our logo: