Kelda consists of a core team with unique and complementary expertise on drilling technology,
hydraulics modelling, and advanced control system design.

Glenn-Ole Kaasa, Chief Executive Officer

Glenn-Ole Kaasa

Chief Executive Officer

Comes from position as leader of dept. of Intelligent Drilling in Statoil R&D, and is currently Adjunct Associate Professor on adaptive control systems at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Has been responsible for Statoil’s research on managed pressure drilling (MPD) technology, and Hydro’s research on production optimisation. He has also been central in establishing NTNU’s research on pressure control for drilling. Background from Kongsberg Automotive as research manager and leading specialist control systems. M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering, and nonlinear control systems, respectively. Partner and full-time employee.

Martin Culen, Chief Commercial Officer

Martin Culen

Chief Commercial Officer

Martin has over 24 years of energy industry experience specializing in Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling.  Prior to joining Kelda as Chief Commercial Officer, he was a Principal with Blade Energy Partners, Director of Blade Energy’s offices in Dubai.  In addition to his involvement with MPD and UBD projects, Martin developed training material and was an instructor for Blade’s MPD and UBD courses. Martin is actively involved with the IADC UBO-MPD Committee, having served as the Chairman for the UBD and Training sub-committees, most recently committee Chairman, and head of the API 16RCD task group. He has also served as chair and co-chair for numerous SPE workshops and conferences. Martin is the author of 13 technical papers and holds a patent related to MPD. He graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Geir Arne Evjen, Chief Technology Officer and Partner

Geir Arne Evjen

Chief Technology Officer and Partner

Comes from a position as principal researcher in Statoil R&D. Background from process modelling, multiphase flow, fluids and flow-assurance. Has been system architect in several R&D projects on advanced software for estimation and data reconciliation. M.Sc. in chemical engineering; about to finish PhD in thermodynamics. Expert in thermodynamics, optimization, data communication, and programming. Partner and full-time employee.

Pål Jacob Nessjøen, Chief Operating Officer and Partner

Pål Jacob Nessjøen

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

Main focus on system integration, deployment, and operation. He joined Kelda in 2014 after working as a senior development advisor in Corporate R&D at National Oilwell Varco (NOV).  Expert on drilling control systems, instrumentation, data acquisition, configuration, and interface to rig equipment and HMI. M.Sc. degree in engineering cybernetics from NTNU.

Robert Graham, Chief Advisor and Partner

Robert Graham

Chief Advisor and Partner

Senior Drilling Advisor MPD/UBD at Shell UK and acting MPD Subject Matter Expert for Shell Global Technology. Specialist with unique competence and operational experience from state of the art MPD and UBD projects worldwide. Background from leading technical positions in several oil companies and service companies in the drilling industry, latest from Statoil Drilling Technology as Leading Engineer MPD. Partner and consultant.

Kevin Wise, Chief Advisor and Partner

Kevin Wise

Chief Advisor and Partner

Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing Phantom Works (Boeing Defense, Space & Security), and Adjunct Professor at Washington University, St. Louis. Authority on the design and development of autonomous aircraft flight control systems. Lead and chief architect on some of Boeing’s most prestigeous projects on advanced flight controls, with an unprecedented track record of successful projects. Partner and consultant.

Linn Helgedagsrud, Administration Manager

Linn Helgedagsrud

Administration Manager

Comes from a position as Property Consultant in Porsgrunn Utvikling. Before that she has a background as Controller and Accounting Manager in Bilfinger, Controller Purchase in Kongsberg Automotive and Financial Consultant in Larvik kommune. Full-time employee.

Christian Berg, Product Manager

Christian Berg

Product Manager

Industrial Ph.D. with Kelda and USN on the topic of modeling for automatic control and estimation of influx and loss during drilling operations. Holds a trade certificate as a laboratory technician and completed his B.Sc degree in gas and energy technology from Telemark University College (HiT) in the spring of 2012. Received his M.Sc. in Process Technology from HiT in the spring of 2014 within modeling and experimental study of viscoelastic flow. Full-time employee.

Vinicius de Oliveira, Advisor on Control Theory

Vinicius de Oliveira

Advisor on Control Theory

Received his engineering degree within control and automation from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in the spring of 2011. Background from several R&D projects involving control system design, process optimization, data analysis and software development in both academic and corporate environments. Completed his PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2016, where he has worked with pressure control for multiphase flow stabilization in oil and gas production, i.e. robust and adaptive anti-slug control. Full-time employee.

Marcela Martins Cicilio, Senior Project Engineer

Marcela Martins Cicilio

Senior Project Engineer

Received her engineering degree within control and automation from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in the spring of 2011. Comes from a position as project engineer at DNV GL (Marine Cybernetics AS until 2014) in which she has worked for five years with HIL-testing of various offshore control systems, as eg. modern drill-floors and power management systems, focusing on functional and safety features. Full-time employee.

Louis Gonda, Research Engineer

Louis Gonda

Research Engineer

Received his M.Sc. in science and executive engineering at Grande école Mines ParisTech (ENSMP) in the summer 2017. Background from several R&D projects involving hydraulics modelling, software development, control and mechanical system design in both academic and corporate environments. Full-time employee.

Ayrton dos Reis Silva, Software Engineer

Ayrton dos Reis Silva

Software Engineer

Received his engineering degree in Mechatronics from the University of São Paulo (USP) in the fall of 2018. Comes from an internship position at Embraer SA, in which he worked on the development and maintenance of the Management Support System, focused on flight test data visualization. Background from several projects involving web development, motion graphics and embedded systems. Full-time employee.

João Pedro Finoto Martins, Senior Software Engineer

João Pedro Finoto Martins

Senior Software Engineer

Received his engineering degree within mechatronics from the University of São Paulo (USP) in the fall of 2017. Comes from a position as a project engineer working with embedded systems design. Background from several projects involving web development in both academic and corporate environments. Full-time employee.

Ole Magnus Brastein, Senior R&D Engineer

Ole Magnus Brastein

Senior R&D Engineer

Received a M.Sc. in systems and control engineering from University of South-Eastern Norway in 2016. Subsequently started working on a PhD in grey-box model parameter estimation and machine learning which will be completed autumn 2020. He has worked in industry continuously since 2004 with R&D on projects in instrumentation, control and data-collection. His background covers a range of subjects with specialization in software design and development, machine learning, artificial intelligence and estimation algorithms. Full-time employee.

Christopher Jung, R&D Engineer

Christopher Jung

R&D Engineer

After receiving the M.Sc. degree in physics from the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany), he received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Giessen (Germany) in summer 2019. Followed by half a year being postdoctoral researcher in Giessen, he moved to Norway and joined Kelda on February 2020. He works as a full-time employee on hydraulics and thermal models.