First MPD system operated by driller

Our MPD control system Leidar®  has been on its first onshore job on an HPHT well in the Middle East. The control system was installed with all three modules, Pressure Control, Real-Time Hydraulics Model and Influx Loss Detection. The system was integrated with the NOV control chair, with main operation from a touch screen panel in the driller's cabin. In addition to the MPD-specific data, the Leidar® Screen also displays data from the most important rig systems and sensors. 

The performance of the control system in the field was excellent, and as expected, even better than the impressive performance in the flow loop

In addition to the high performance of the control system, another aspect that was particularly appreciated by the drillers, was the ease of operation of the Leidar® Control System. Prior to the operation, our Straume® Hydraulics Simulator was connected to the Leidar® Control System and used to train the crew on the actual system. After a quick introduction, the crew had no problem to operate the system by themselves with ease. In operation, the driller actually preferred the Leidar® Screen for getting an overview over the drilling process in operation.


The MPD Choke Mainfold and Coriolis Meter.

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