Kelda Influx Management Envelope (K-IME)

Understanding the limits of your primary and secondary barriers. Comes as a cloud solution, standalone solution, and a real-time solution.

Access from any device

The K-IME is a cloud-based - easy to use - MPD planning and operational tool with advanced capabilities. K-IME computes the influx management envelope that shows primary and secondary barriers based on the size of kick and well configuration. The engineer can compare and visualize effects directly in the cloud and study effects of having more elaborate fluid models in the computation.

Precise, easy to use and responsive.

Try it today, visit, register your email and you are good to go for a 14-day free trial period. Contact if you have any questions on usage or pricing.

Offline solution

We also deliver this as a standalone offline solution when needed on locations without unreliable internet access. This will be the same solution as in the cloud.

In operation

LeidarRT IME is integrated into our LeidarRT Control system as a module. It enables users to easily run what-if-senarios of influx and real cases when an influx has been automatically detected and suppressed. The system uses all available real-time signals needed IME calculations to minimize user input. The user can also re-run the calculations with manually changed inputs to review the sensitivity to any uncertain inputs or parameters.