Straume Hydraulics Simulator

Straume Well Trajectory panel

Straume® is a highly configurable high-end multiphase well simulator with full pressure and flow dynamics, rigorous fluid definitions - including multi-fluids, capable of simulating most MPD/UBD/DGD operations and contingency scenarios. The simulator is suitable for testing of control systems and training of MPD/UBD/DGD personnel in a controlled environment.

The Straume multiphase hydraulic well simulator is suitable for conducting what-if studies and training on contingency operations.

With fully integrated multiphase physics, Straume enables the driller to train on complex MPD/UBD/DGD operations, introducing various contingency scenarios, into a controlled environment. Under training, the driller can execute drillers operations and in-depth analyze the consequence of operations. Moreover, training on well incidents such as kick/loss educates the driller to take actions in case of a real incidence.

Straume (/stræʉmɛ/)
From the Old Norse word straumr, meaning flow or stream.

Simulator highlights

  • All common MPD/UBD/DGD operations and well incidents
  • Runs on all major operating systems platforms, windows, OSX and linux
  • Hydraulic model can be leveraged as a dynamic link library (DLL)

Hydraulic model

  • Pressure and flow (including reversible flow) dynamics at 10 Hz
  • Viscosity model with shear thinning and yield point
  • Compressibility effects
  • Surge and swab
  • U-tubing
  • Laminar to turbulent flow regimes
  • Multi fluid and fluid front track

Well and system configuration

  • Configurable BHA and drill bit
  • Drill string lengths and diameters
  • Well bore casing program
  • Well trajectory
  • Wellbore temperatures along wellbore
  • Choke characteristics

Operational scenarios

  • Cementing
  • Back-reaming / Hole opening
  • Reaming
  • Stripping
  • Run in hole / Pull out of hole
  • Activate downhole tools
  • Casing and liner running
  • On bottom drilling
  • Displace operations / multi-fluid
  • Kick/loss

Well incidents

  • Power loss rig
  • NRV failed to close
  • Choke plugging
  • Drill pipe leakage
  • Loss of mud
  • Loss of suction; rig pump
  • Various sensor failures
  • Well bore packoff/washout
  • Gas influx
  • Liquid influx
  • Plugged bit and wash out (entire bit or individual nozzles)