Leidar® Control System

Real-Time control system for downhole pressure control and failure monitoring for MPD and UBD drilling operations.

Main modules:

  • Leidar® Pressure Controller (PC)
  • Leidar® Hydraulic Model (HM)
  • Leidar® Influx-Loss Detection (ILD)

The Leidar® Pressure Controller is fully autonomous having three controller modes:

  • Pressure Controller
  • Flow Controller
  • Position Controller

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Straume® Hydraulics Simulator

Straume® is a highly configurable high-end multiphase well simulator with full pressure and flow dynamics, rigorous fluid definitions - including multi-fluids, capable of simulating most MPD/UBD/DG operations and contingency scenarios. The simulator is suitable for testing of control system and training of MPD/UBD/DG personnel during in a controlled environment.

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