Leidar® Control System

Real-Time control system for downhole pressure control and failure monitoring for MPD and UBD drilling operations.

Straume® Hydraulics Simulator

Straume® is a highly configurable high-end multi-phase well simulator with full pressure and flow dynamics, rigorous fluid definitions - including multi-fluids, capable of simulating most MPD/UBD/DG operations and contingency scenarios.

Bivrost Cloud Portal

Our own cloud portal for storing, viewing and reporting of everything from simulation to field data.


Real-Time Monitoring System for MPD and UBD drilling operations.


Kelda Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) is a standalone system that is used to remotely or locally control a shut down of pumps, closing valves and control other process related parts to a safe state.

High Performance Actuator Solutions

Actuator solutions that are made to ensure high performance in dynamic control of almost any type of valves.

Kelda dpVertical

Used to estimate density. Typically placed in the vertical section on either flow in or flow out.

Kelda dpFlow

Used to estimate flow, two phase ratio and valve plugging. Typically used upstream and downstream of each choke leg and other locations where it is desired to know actual flow.

Kelda UPS

With an UPS the system can continue to estimate and keep down-hole pressure during a full rig blackout (taking down rig pumps and/or Control System). Leidar is designed to have all critical sensors and actuators needed on UPS. In addition it is designed to be able to trap pressure even if pumps encounters full stop directly.

Kelda Sensor Collection

We often aid in selecting, delivering and integrating the right sensors for a job (e.g. pressure, temperature, level, flow, density, speed and proximity).